Our Mission:

Helping consumers and businesses connect.



We leverage the strength of the existing NewarkBound magazine brand, its assets, and the wealth of existing partnerships that DMC Publishing has established to drive qualified traffic to newarkboundvideo.com. We are further committed to investing a percentage of revenue with local marketing/SEO/media partners to further promote the site.


Can you help me create/produce a video for my business?

Absolutely!  Click here to learn more.


My company already has a great branding video – how do I feature it on the site?

It’s easy! Click here to learn more!


What if I have a question about a business’s product or service after watching a video?

We encourage you to contact the business directly. They will be psyched to hear from you!


How do I advertise in NewarkBound Magazine?

Call us directly at (862) -216-0579. Or click here to learn more.